At Maize and Blue Dental, we pride ourselves on being functional esthetic dentists. We meticulously evaluate and apply the principles of how teeth bite together when creating smile designs. We are conservative dentists. We believe that the most valuable material in your mouth is tooth structure. Treatment and restorations are performed with the goal of providing our patients with healthy teeth that look great, and last.

When developing a customized treatment plan, we take into consideration all of your concerns, needs, budget, and esthetic desires. The first thing we do is listen. We will sit down with you and make sure we understand your dental priorities. Only then do we spend time diagnosing and consulting on the best treatment plan for you, which is individualized based on your needs. There are many ways in which treatment and goals can be accomplished. We want to make sure that we customize our treatment to fit your goals and budget.

From ” Instant Straightening” to ” Dental Smile Makeovers ” we not only change smiles, we change lives through cosmetic dentistry. Many of our patients have a renewed spirit and confidence that carries through to their personal and professional relationships. While a beautiful smile can give patients a lifetime of happiness, a poorly designed one can result in years of poor self-esteem and resentment.

Our goal is to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations of what a dental office should be.